About Me

Hello, I’m Nicole Brown; a housewife, a passionate entrepreneur, and a mother of a toddler.

Welcome to My Website bestsewingmachinereviews.com !

I’m a Fashion Designer; I’ve done my Fashion Designing degree from Washington University, Missouri, St.Louis. I am an entrepreneur who always works with different sorts of sewing machines and creates designs with all fabric types. The sewing projects that I make are usually for my clients or my family. I always look forward to learning about sewing, embroidering, quilting, sewing machines, and tips to share with new or experienced sewers.

As a sewer, I have developed a passion for finding the best techniques to complete various sewing projects.
Moreover, I aim to educate those new to this niche and struggling for real-time guidance.
That’s why I decided to share my experience and knowledge, tips, tricks, and experiences that I have gained over the years through my blogging. This way, I’d be able to guide those who are inexperienced and want to save their time, efforts, and money spending on things that may not work for them.

As a Fashion Designer, I’d love to spend my whole life sewing, quilting, embroidering, testing sewing machines, fabrics, upholstery, leather, and various tools. However, I’d be glad to provide you with new review content and how-to articles to help you out.

I hope that through my blogs, you will be able to make wise decisions when buying any sewing machine or tools. This will help you to complete your sewing projects more efficiently.

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